Photos from my co-exhibitors in England

May 16, 2017 News

You can check out the Irish Society of Botanical Artists on Facebook for more photos from the Royal Horticultural Society’s botanical art exhibition where the ISBA received a SILVER medal. 

More Fabulous New!!! A SILVER MEDAL

May 16, 2017 News

More Fabulous News!!! A SILVER MEDAL

As you heard in a previous news posting, my botanical painting “Narcissus Soft Focus” was chosen as one of six to represent the Irish Society of Botanical Artists at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Spring Exhibition in Malvern, UK. The show finished yesterday, May 14th, and I am overjoyed to tell you all that The Irish Society of Botanical Artists received a SILVER medal. I was so overwhelmed to share the space at the exhibition with Holly Somerville, Rona Orchard, Niamh Harding-Miller, Siobhan Larkin and Susan Sex. What an honour!

My Painting – a WINNER at the Arts & Letters Awards

May 16, 2017 News, Uncategorized

My painting was a Winner!
The Arts & Letters 2017 Exhibition at The Rooms, St. John’s NL

I was thrilled enough to learn that my entry to the Arts & Letters Awards Program had been chosen for exhibition at The Rooms in St. John’s, NL (April 26 – May 14th, 2017) but now I’m more excited to tell you that my painting was chosen as a winner in the Visual Arts category.
My watercolour “Spring Lookout” depicts those early shoots of a fir branch, still tightly bundled together, and backed by the harbour entrance of my hometown of Fermeuse, NL. I’m sorry I don’t have an image to attach but when I submitted it just in time for the entry way back in November, there was no time for a proper scan or photo. I’ll add it to my site in a few weeks.

Classes, Workshops, and Open Studios 2017 – Updates

January 23, 2017 News

Hi everyone,

I’m happy to announce that I’ve just released new details regarding my classes, workshops, and open studios for the first half of 2017. You can find that information, and how to contact me if you’d like to learn more, under the labelled tabs at the top of the page.

Floral in Funchal – Art Workshop Tour

January 23, 2017 News, Workshops

Following wonderful art vacations in Ireland and Italy in past years, another one is planned for 2017. This time the destination is the beautiful Portuguese island of Madeira.

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Workshops, Classes, and Open Studios – Starting January 17th!

January 13, 2017 Classes, News, Open Studio, Workshops

Check back over the weekend for all of the details on workshops, classes, and open studios.

It’s Official! Newfoundland and Labrador has a Botanical Art Society!

January 13, 2017 News

In September of 2016, a group of artists gathered in the Botanical Garden at Memorial University of Newfoundland and decided to form the Botanical Art Society of Newfoundland and Labrador. Now, with help from Memorial University and the Botanical Garden, that idea has become a reality.

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Society of Canadian Artists – Elected Membership

January 13, 2017 News

Looking back on 2016, it has been a monumental year for me as an artist. One piece of news that I am excited to share is that I have been recently honoured as an Elected Member of the Society of Canadian Artists.

To become an elected member of the SCA one must be reviewed by a jury of esteemed artists, who judge the work for skill, originality, consistency, and impact among others. Elected members enjoy a number of benefits associated with being a part of this community. These include participation in exclusive exhibits, access to professional and artistic resources, invitation to society events and awards, as well as permission to punctuate your name with “SCA.” Continue reading →

Plandaí Oidhreachta, Heritage Irish Plants

January 13, 2017 Exhibition, News

For those of you who subscribe to my newsletter you’ll know that I was in Ireland last year on an art vacation, where I had the opportunity to enjoy time with friends new and old, immerse myself in the exotic – yet familiar – nature of the country, and most importantly, gratefully avail of pleasant painting time and very instructive botanical workshops.  Most of my painting time was at the National Botanic Garden in Glasnevin, Dublin, and in the  beautiful gardens of Tourin House in Cappoquin, County Waterford.

 Since my time overseas, two of the paintings I worked on at Tourin became part of an exhibition on “Gardens of Ireland” and  one of my paintings was displayed in an exhibit at the National Botanic Garden of Ireland, and published in an accompanying book, which shares the title “Plandaí Oidhreachta, Heritage Irish Plants.” Continue reading →


January 13, 2017 Exhibition, News

While 2016 was eventful, there was one event that followed me through the entire year, and that was the centennial of the battle at Beaumont-Hamel. This battle, which occurred on July 1, 1916, was a defining experience for not only the soldiers who fought and survived, but for the entire population of Newfoundland from that day forward. With over 700 men sent to fight, only 110 survived, with only 68 available for roll call the next day. This is the reason that, while the rest of the country celebrates Canada Day on July 1st, Newfoundland and Labrador also observes Memorial Day.

When the year turned to 2016, the province of Newfoundland and Labrador turned to remembering those fallen soldiers at Beaumont-Hamel. The flower chosen to represent remembrance of these deaths was, appropriately, the Forget-Me-Not.

The most personal project that I completed was Continue reading →